Government urged again to provide justice and redress for victims of the drug Primodos.

Dec 2, 2021 | News, Video

In the House of Lords I today I said that the Inquiry led by Baroness (JuliaCumberlege had shone a light on the consequences of the drug Primodos. But in the past 18 months the Government’s failure to provide victims with justice or redress had left 19 parents of children severely damaged by Primodos dying while still worrying that their children would be left financially dependent on the State. They died in despair.  I asked the Government to ensure that others do not die without hope, knowing justice had not been served and that the request for Redress recommended in the First Do No Harm Report had also been refused.

These links described the background to the Primodos scandal:,full%2Dpublic%2Dinquiry/

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