Executions in Iran and the blood lust of the IRGC – Minister endorses UN Special Rapporteurs’ condemnation of executions but stops short of agreeing to proscription.

May 23, 2023 | News

Lord Alton of Liverpool
My Lords, nothing happens inside Iran without the active complicity and knowledge of the IRGC. Will the Minister take the opportunity to condemn the “horrific wave” of executions, as described by United Nations special rapporteurs on Friday, including those of Majid Kazemi, Saeed Yaghoubi and Saleh Mirhashemi that day, after they were reportedly subjected to torture in prison? Does not this bloodlust and the IRGC go hand in hand? As the noble Lord, Lord Pickles, said, what more has to happen before there is proscription?

Lord Sharpe of Epsom
I absolutely join the UN rapporteur in condemning those executions.

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