Question on Sudan: 800,000 more people join the 3 million already displaced.

May 18, 2023 | News

Question on Sudan: Lord ALTON of Liverpool-Thursday May 18 2023

APPG Report referred to in today’s Oral Question

With over 800,000 people joining the 3.7 million people already displaced in Sudan and another 120,000 fleeing to neighbouring countries  – some of whom will end up in small boats making dangerous journeys – will the Minister agree to provide a written response to the more than 30 recommendations in the recently published All Party Group report marking the 20th anniversary of the Darfur genocide – in which 300,000 died and 2 million were displaced – and, in the light of  this week’s declaration by Genocide Watch  of another impending genocide, urgently authorise a formal Joint Analysis of Conflict and Stability – JACS – assessment  and convene a high level strategic discussion with our international partners to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Sudan and to urge on the warring parties the need for a sustainable peace and civilian led government.

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