Burma Human Rights Network gives details of Tatmadaw’s Campaign Against Religious Minorities – including an arson attack on a mosque

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Mosque Fire Latest in Tatmadaw’s Campaign Against Religious Minorities

24 June 2021 — London/Yangon — A fire in a mosque in Ahlone Township, Yangon is the latest incident of violence against Muslims and other minorities in Burma by the illegitimate military regime. While authorities blamed the fire on electrical issues, sources blame the military and describe it as an arson attack. The fire comes after months of attacks against Muslims and Christians throughout Burma.  

“These attacks against Muslims and Christians in Burma are intolerable and the international community must recognize the seriousness of these incidents immediately. The military has been able to increase its attacks on minorities in the country since the coup, believing they will face no further repercussions. This is just the latest reason the world needs to immediately launch a global arms embargo and sanction all businesses connected to the Tatmadaw, including the oil and gas sector,” said BHRN’s Executive Director Kyaw Win. 

Previously, two raids occurred at Mohnhyin mosque and Butaryone Street Mosque in Mohnhyin city on June 3, 2021. During the raid, a custodian of the mosque was arbitrarily detained. Similarly, a Catholic church in Kantharyar Loikaw City, Kayeh State was shot at on 24 May as civilians sought refuge there. Three women and one man were killed in the incident. Before this, an ethnic Karen Church was destroyed on 23 May by the military and police in Insein Township. Three people, including a pastor and a disabled person, were beaten and detained. On 12 April a Muslim man living in a Mosque in Tamwe, Yangon was put in women’s clothing and makeup, bound, hanged, and killed.

The safety of religious minorities is of great concern as Burma descends into a broader conflict between the Military and the people’s defense forces. BHRN calls on the international community to recognize the National Unity Government as the legitimate representative of the Burmese people and to offer them full support as they endeavor to restore order to the country. The international community must launch a global arms embargo and sanctions every last business and industry connected to the military to prevent them from prolonging the conflict against the civilian population. The NUG must also offer a clear plan and timeline for how they will prevent attacks against minorities once they are in power. 

Background on the Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN)

Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN) is based in London, operates across Burma/Myanmar and works for human rights, minority rights and religious freedom in Burma. BHRN has played a crucial role in advocating for human rights and religious freedom with politicians and world leaders.

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