In a damning 89 page report on Nigeria sent today to to the International Criminal Court, Jubilee Campaign warns that “there is no time to lose” and warns of the consequences of further delays in opening an ICC investigation and prosecution of Fulani militias.

Nov 18, 2020 | News

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Jubilee Campaign has today submitted a devastating 89 page report on Nigeria submitted to the International Criminal Court.
It concludes that:
An ICC investigation and prosecution of the Fulani militant militias in Nigeria serves the best interests of justice. Since the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC opened its preliminary assessment of the situation in 2010, the Fulani militant violence has increasingly grown both deadly and systematic, and there is increasing evidence that the attacks are genocidal.

The alleged crimes are grave, and local authorities have time and time again proven unwilling to end the violence or hold the perpetrators to account.

Continued impunity threatens the security of not only the Middle Belt and northern states of Nigeria, but of the whole country and the broader region. Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur for Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, underscored the threat to security posed by impunity in Nigeria: “the absence today of accountability functionality is on such a scale that pretending this is anything short of a crisis is a major mistake. It is a tragedy for the people of Nigeria. Unchecked, its ripple effects will spread throughout the sub-region if not the continent, given the country’s central economic, political and cultural leadership role.”335

The information presented here is just a sample of the evidence available, all of which support a reasonable basis that Fulani militants have committed crimes against humanity and genocide— crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC – and that such cases would be admissible.

Also see: a new book, The Next Jihad, by Johnnie Moore and Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Johnnie Moore says: “Thousands of churches have been torched, children massacred, pastors beheaded, and homes and fields set ablaze by the tens of thousands, with people being targeted for their Christian faith alone,”

Lord David Alton

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