The Question of Mass Atrocity Monitoring and Determination – invitation to a webinar on November 17th – focusing on the plight of the Rohingya and Uighurs

Oct 30, 2020 | Events

Never again – all over again

Lord Alton of Liverpool and the Coalition for Genocide Response would like to invite you to a webinar:

“The Question of Mass Atrocity Monitoring and Determination”

17 November 2020 at 5 PM (GMT)

Zoom Webinar (Side event to the Ministerial on FoRB)

There are two states which currently stand accused of playing a role in the genocide against religious minority groups; Myanmar, where the military stands accused of perpetrating genocide against the Rohingya Muslims and China whose government is allegedly perpetrating genocide against the Uighur Muslims. In both cases, the allegations are disputed by their respective governments and it is correct to say that the allegations are yet to be proven.

Such a (final) legal determination needs to be made by an independent tribunal. This may take years. Yet, in the meantime, the nature of the atrocities roam the grey space as states do little to make their interim determinations of genocide to inform their responses.

The question is then how do states fulfil their duties under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, to prevent and suppress genocide and punish the perpetrators.

Specifically, how do states fulfil their duty to prevent that, according to the International Court of Justice, should be triggered ‘at the instant that the State learns of, or should normally have learned of, the existence of a serious risk that genocide will be committed.’

The speakers will engage with the question of mass atrocities monitoring and determination as a prerequisite to fulfilling their duty to prevent such atrocities as genocide.

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