The Tragic Deaths of 39 Vietnamese Migrants – including teenagers – are a shocking wake up call that slavery did not end in the 19th century. Today there are more slaves in the world than ever before: with more than 40 million people enslaved. The Director of the charity, the Arise Foundation, describes how it is making a fundamental difference on the front-line in the battle against human trafficking and modern day slavery – Read about their amazing work here:

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Luke de Pulford, Director and co-Founder of the Arise Foundation describes the tragedy of 39 Vietnamese migrants – some of whom were teenagers  – found dead in Essex in a freezing lorry, and explains what his charity is doing to combat human trafficking. Click on this link….


Slavery did not end in the 19th century. Today there are more slaves in the world than ever before. Slavery is a complex crime that is notoriously hard to measure.

According to the most widely used  current estimates around 40.3 million people are enslaved today.

Modern Enforced slavery can affect someone of any gender, race or age – most commonly affecting the vulnerable; often driven by grinding poverty and is the opposite of a life choice.

Human trafficking also involves coercion and exploitation and has its own legal definition.

The Arise Foundation is doing some amazing work to combat both modern day slavery and human trafficking.

If you want to learn more view this presentation and consider playing your part.

Every gift – large or small – means support to frontline groups – making a real difference.

Arise Modern Slavery Presentation

Here is a further link to a longer video about the work of Arise and which you might like to Share



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