Alfie Evans and the Rights of Parents

Apr 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Alfie Evans1


I am not alone in believing that when British law can displace the rights of parents then British law must be changed.

I said exactly that at the time of the death of Charlie Gard and repeat it again now as little Alfie Evans battles for life.
The earlier case of Ashya King graphically illustrated that experts can get things wrong – but, even more importantly, every parent has a fundamental right – and I would say duty- to fight for and care for the child to whom they gave life.

Alfie is today still fighting for his life despite extubation, beyond the expectations of the team treating him.

As the relationship between the hospital and Alfie’s family has clearly broken down, their request to take Alfie to another hospital seems unarguable.

So is the case for changing the law to give parents the definitive last word in such cases.

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