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Roscoe Lectures:

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Last night (October 1st) John Fleming, Executive Vice President Europe of Ford Motor Company, flew into Liverpool from Detroit to give last night’s Roscoe Lecture. The title of the lecture was ‘An idealist is a person who helps other people to be prosperous’. How does that apply in the 21st century?’

John Fleming

It was Henry Ford who originally provided this definition of an idealist  and last night, John Fleming, gave an overview of how Henry Ford’s values contunue to inform the outloook of this global corporation.

Born in Liverpool, John Fleming told his audience at St George’s Hall, that “Liverpool is a fabulous city to come back to” and the pride he feels at how it has been built into the place it is today. He then took the audience through the evolution of Ford and the changes the company has faced to improve over the years. This included a look at how Henry Ford changed manufacturing processes and improved conditions for workers, giving everyone the chance to be prosperous. John led the audience through the principles of Henry Ford and how his thinking still applies to the company, but also society, today.

For a full review of last night’s Roscoe Lecture, see:

And to hear the full lecture and view the power-point presentation, see:

Ken Medlock's autobiography: A Good Innings"

Ken Medlock’s autobiography: A Good Innings”

In the audience last night was Ken Medlock, who gave last month’s Roscoe Lecture. Mr.Medlock is 100 years old and, like John Fleming, an engineer by background. See:

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The next Roscoe Lecture will be presented by Baroness Valerie Amos, Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations. She will discuss the The role of the United Nations in a world riven by conflict, poverty and hunger at the Adelphi Hotel on Thursday 16 October at 4.00pm.

Baroness Valerie Amos - Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, at the United Nations

Baroness Valerie Amos – Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, at the United Nations

Forthcoming Lectures:

Thursday 13 November, 2pm Bill Sergeant & Tony Wainwright “Two Stories of Heroism – Chavasse and the Liverpool PALS”  Venue TBC

Tuesday 2 December, 5pm Baroness Helena Kennedy QC “The Search for Justice in an Unjust World” St George’s Hall

Thursday 5 or 12 March, 5pm Professor the Lord Peter Hennessy – author and academic “Watching Prime Ministers” St George’s Hall

Wednesday 6 May, 6pm Mr Michael Morpurgo, Author “Fact and Fiction – where the ideas came from for my novels” Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Date TBC Most Revd Justin Welby “Belief and non-belief – learning to live together, respectfully and with tolerance” – Spring/Autumn 2015 including conferment of Honorary Fellowship TBC

TBC, Autumn 2015 Rear Admiral the Lord Alan West

TBC, Autumn 2015 Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

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