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The 120th Roscoe Lecture will take place in Liverpool on Monday June 9th. It will be delivered by the Mexican Ambassador.
As part of series of encounters with Ambassadors accredited to the Court of St.James we will be staging some “Meet the Ambassadors” Roscoe Lecture lunchtime events.
These are in collaboration with the Liverpool Consular Corps, who sponsor our Liverpool John Moores University Good Citizenship award for international initiatives.
The first of these will be on Monday June 9th when the new Mexican Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering, who recently presented his credentials to her Majesty the Queen, will speak. Details of the time and venue available from Mrs.Barbara Mace at <a href=””></a>&nbsp;

Mexican Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering presents his credentials to H.M.The Queen

Mexican Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering presents his credentials to H.M.The Queen

20114 is the eightieth anniversary of the creation of UK and Mexican diplomatic relations, in 1934, and 2015 has officially been designated as BritMex “The year of Mexico in the United Kingdom” and “The year of the United Kingdom in Mexico”, where the theme of innovation will be at the foreground of planned events. Commercial and business ties have significantly increased in recent years with trade generating revenues of around £4 billion – double the 2008 figure.
Liverpool’s own links with Mexico can be traced back over 200 years. In 1795 , a contemporary of William Roscoe, William Bullock , founded a Museum of Natural Curiosities at 24 Lord Street and later travelled to Mexico. Some of the artefacts he collected are listed in “ Companion to the Liverpool Museum, containing a brief description of … natural & foreign curiosities, antiquities & productions of the fine arts, open for public inspection … at the house of William Bullock”
More recently, Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery and Museum hosted a disturbing exhibition highlighting one of the most challenging questions facing modern Mexico. The exhibition, “Remember Them’ featured work by a group of international artists drawing attention to the huge amount of mainly female disappearances and murders committed in Ciudad Juárez in Northern Mexico, a city described as one of the most violent in the world.
The exhibition, premiered in Liverpool, featured work by Mexican photographer, Julián Cardona, Irish painter, Brian Maguire, Norwegian artist, Lise Bjørne Linnert and Mexican artist, Teresa Margolles.
Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering will talk about life in Mexico and be in conversation with David Alton – followed by questions from the audience.
Later in the week, on Thursday June 12th, the Rt.Hon Charles Kennedy MP, Member of Parliament for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, and former leader of his Party, will speak on The Case Against Scottish Independence.
rt.Hon Charles Kennedy MP will put the case against a Yes vote in the Scottish Referendum

rt.Hon Charles Kennedy MP will put the case against a Yes vote in the Scottish Referendum

This follows the earlier Roscoe Lecture by the Rt.Hon Alex Salmond MSP, who put the case for a Yes vote in September’s independence referendum.
Mr.Kennedy represents the UK’s largest constituency – stretching coast to coast, from Cromarty to Ardnamurchan – and was elected to Parliament as its youngest member in 1983.
As a student he was elected as President of the Glasgow University Union and won the Observer Mace debating competition. In 2008 and 2011 he was elected as Rector of Glasgow University. He is author of The Future of Politics (2000) and has been a prominent member of Scotland’s “Better Together” campaign for a No vote in the 2014 referendum. The Lecture will take place at the Adelphi Hotel. Details and tickets available from Mrs.Barbara <Mace at
Among recent Roscoe lectures have been those of Vasily Petrenko (119), Chief Conductor of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Baroness (Sheila) Hollins (118).
Vasily Petrenko

Vasily Petrenko

Baroness Sheila

Baroness Sheila

To hear them go to:
Wednesday 14 May 2014 – Mr Vasily Petrenko, Chief Conductor, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – in conversation with Darren Henley, Managing Director of Classic FM | download audio | Stream video
Thursday 27 March 2014 – Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins – Talking about Mental Health | download audio | PowerPoint presentation
Previously, the Liverpool John Moores Roscoe Foundation for Citizenship staged the a Roscoe Lecture by Vava Tampa, founder of Save The Congo, spoke on the history of conflict and human rights abuses in the DRC and about the role of the early twentieth century human rights campaigned, E.D.Morel and Morel’s Liverpool connections: Link to Vava Tampa’s Lecture
Visit Vava Tampa’s Save The Congo web site:


Vava Tampa

Vava Tampa

Link to an article on Morel from Nerve Magazine issue 7, Winter 2005:
Link to E D Morel’s Maiden speech of 1922 (featured in Hansard’s Centenary anthology of historic and memorable speeches) warning of the punitive reparations imposed on Germany: Parliamentary contributions from E D Morel can be found here:
…and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE, Paralympic athlete, spoke on Overcoming Disability and Adversity.
Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE

Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE

<a href
On Thursday November 28th, Ms.Diane Lees, Director General of the Imperial War Museum  spoke on 1914: Why Remembering the Great War Matters. The lecture will be held at the Philharmonic Hall at 6.oopm.
Monday 11 November 2013 – Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE – Overcoming Disability and Adversity | download audio (please note: the beginning of this talk is missing due to a technical issue)
Tickets are free and available from Mrs.Barbara Mace at

Lord David Alton

For 18 years David Alton was a Member of the House of Commons and today he is an Independent Crossbench Life Peer in the UK House of Lords.

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