International Relations & Defence Committee: 6th July

Jul 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

House of Lords, Wednesday 6 July 2022

Subject: Defence concepts and capabilities: from aspiration to reality

Questions from Lord Alton:

Lord Alton asked Prof Jamie Shea, former NATO Assistant Secretary General, whether the EU with a combined budget of €14.45 trillion is paying its way in collective defence and whether we risk losing US support if too great a burden falls on their shoulders and those of the U.K.

Witness: Professor Jamie Shea, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges (2010 – 2018);

Lord Alton asked Georgina Wright, of the Institut Montaigne, about President Macron’s commitment to NATO, and how the French see the threat from China.
Witness: Georgina Wright, Senior Fellow and Director, Europe Program, Institut Montaigne; 

Lord David Alton

For 18 years David Alton was a Member of the House of Commons and today he is an Independent Crossbench Life Peer in the UK House of Lords.

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