UK Government pushed to tackle the impunity of CCP officials such as Carrie Lam and Chen Quanguo.

Oct 13, 2021 | Uncategorized

Today the Government was pushed to tackle the impunity of CCP officials like Carrie Lam and Chen Quanguo for destruction of Hong Kong democracy and Uyghur Genocide. Lord Alton called for an audit of asset of CCP officials and their families. Raised the £430 million borrowed for Nine Elms in London and the £2 billion “South Sea Bubble “ that the CCPs Evergrande has become.

Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB)

My Lords, the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Hong Kong and on Uyghurs, on which I serve as vice-chair, have drawn the Government’s attention to the impunity of those such as Carrie Lam and Chen Quanguo, involved in the destruction of Hong Kong’s democracy and the Uighur genocide. Will the Minister instigate a UK asset audit of such officials and the families of those responsible for these depredations, and accelerate scrutiny of Chinese-UK property developments, such as Nine Elms in south London? This has borrowed £430 million from banks, potentially leaving us vulnerable to collateral damage from the Evergrande crisis, with liabilities—in a re-enactment of the South Sea bubble—now topping some £2 billion.

Lord Callanan (Con)

The financing of development activity is, of course, a commercial decision and the Government do not intervene in those investments. But, in March 2021, in a co-ordinated effort with the European Union, the US and Canada, the UK imposed sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes, on several Chinese officials in response to the human rights abuses against the Uighur community. I assure the noble Lord that we continue to monitor the situation. The UK has introduced global human rights sanctions regimes, complementing our anti-money laundering measures, including those implicated in human rights abuses, ensuring that they cannot utilise funds that have been obtained illicitly in the UK.

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