Let’s stand tall in fallen times, Jimmy Lai tells Apple Daily

Apr 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

“The support and love of my colleagues have moved me, please thank them for me,” said Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Daily, in a handwritten letter from prison.

Facing a slew of charges under the national security law, the media mogul has been held in custody since late last year.

Thank you for the incoming letter, he wrote in the short note. Reading books, studying the Bible, praying and exercising are part of his daily routine in jail, where his life is peaceful and quiet. He is eating well and sleeps well.

Though he sometimes feels a little down missing his family, he is mostly at ease, the 73-year-old wrote. He also appealed to his colleagues not to worry about him.

Defending freedom of speech is a dangerous job, he wrote, urging his coworkers to be careful and not to take huge risks. “Your safety is important,” he asserted.

“It is our responsibility as journalists to seek justice. As long as we are not blinded by unjust temptations, as long as we do not let evil get its way through us, we are fulfilling our responsibility,” he added.

He stressed that Hong Kong’s situation is increasingly chilling, but precisely because of that, we need to love and cherish ourselves. “The era is falling apart before us and it is therefore time for us to stand tall,” he concluded

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