Shocking report of suffering in North Korea. So much could be done to improve and save lives if only a fraction of what they spend on developing nuclear weapons was used to feed and care for their people.

Dec 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

North Korea misplaced priorities- weapons or people

“With the situation being what it is, people are spending less and tightening their belts, despite going hungry,” said the source. “There are even wretched scenes of entire families starving to death in the streets, as poor residents have no choice but to sit around hungry.” According to him, a family of four froze to death in front of Musan Station on Nov. 24, their bodies lying on the ground in a line. Alerted by Ministry of Social Security personnel at the station, members from a county-affiliated patrol team wrapped the bodies in cloth and took them away to an undisclosed location. The source said that security officials at Musan Station feel like the “cries of children from cold and hunger are never-ending around the station,” and that recently in Onsong, “Six urchins who snuck aboard a train heading south to where there’s food starved to death in the train as they were returning back to the province, after being caught by security personnel.

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