EU replies to joint letter on North Korean human rights violations and “shares your commitment to address the ongoing, widespread and systematic human rights violations in the DPRK.”

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Michael Kirby, the Australian judge who wrote the UN Report describing North Korea’s crimes against humanity making it “a state without parallel.”

Joint open letters to the UN General Assembly and the EU High Representative about human rights in North Korea

Division Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific The Head of Division
Brussels,29th October 2022 Ares(2020) 6881236
Subject: Your letter of 14 October 2020 on the human rights situation in the DPRK addressed to Josep Borrell Fontelles, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission (ARES 2020)5482875

Dear Mr Shin,
I am writing on behalf of High Representative Borrell. I would like to thank I would like to thank you and the representatives of the 35 organisations, coalitions and concerned individuals for your letter of 14 October.
You can rest assured that the EU shares your commitment to address the ongoing, widespread and systematic human rights violations in the DPRK.
The EU is currently working with international partners on a resolution that will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee on the human rights situation in the DPRK. The resolution will send a strong message to the DPRK that the international community has not forgotten the appalling violations of human rights taking place in the country.
The specific issues of concern that you raise, including the death penalty, political prisoner camps, sexual violence against detainees, restrictions on freedom of movement, access to food and the detention of citizens of other countries will remain priorities for EU action.
Let me use this occasion to thank you for your work in maintaining international attention on the situation. Partnership with civil society organisations and concerned individuals remains essential in our efforts to promote respect for human rights. I would be grateful if you could convey this message from the High Representative to all 35 signatories of the letter.
Reinhold BRENDER

Service Européen pour l’Action Extérieure, B-1046 Bruxelles / Europese dienst voor extern optreden, B-1046 Brussel – Belgium. Telephone: (32-2) 584 11 11.
Office: CORT 04/505. Telephone: direct line (32-2) +32 (0)2 584 4118 E-mail:
Ref. Ares(2020)6091806 – 29/10/2020
Electronically signed on 29/10/2020 11:24 (UTC+01) in accordance with article 11 of Commission Decision C(2020) 4482

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