Massacre in Cameroon’s Anglophone Kumba: Shock, consternation, and tears, as amba fighters kill 7 children in school -What kind of people do a thing like this?

Oct 24, 2020 | Featured

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Massacre in Kumba: Shock, consternation and tears as amba fighters kill 7 kids in school –
What kind of people do a thing like this?

Extremists secessionists are reported as having invading a primary school in Kumba in Anglophone Cameroon, killing at least 8 children and gravely wounding several more (who aren’t expected to recover). The secessionists are punishing the Sisters who run the Mother Franscisca Interational School because 1) they opened the school, against the wishes of the secessionists and 2) it is a bilingual school. The Cameroonian government encouraged children to return to school , but provided no protection.

The government of Cameroon pressed schools to resume classes after four years of boycotts in the Anglophone regions. However, despite signing the Safe Schools Declaration, the Yaounde authorities provided no protection for those schools which abided by its wishes. The government of Cameroon inists it has nearly eliminated the secessionists extremists, but the attack in Kumba shows this is far from the case. The need for a ceasefire and a negotiated constitutional settlement has never been greater, and the UK must actively push Yaounde to engage in inclusive talks to end this insecurity.

I have today asked the U.K. Government whit is its assessment of the massacre of these primary school pupils and whether it will now press the government of Cameroon to provide protection for schools which have returned to class this term, and encourage the government of Cameroon to declare a ceasefire and to formally commit to finding a negotiated way out of the crisis in the Anglophone regions.

Massacre in Kumba: Shock, consternation and tears as amba fighters kill 7 kids in school – TeboPost

Gunmen suspected to be armed separatist fighters have shot dead kids in a primary and secondary school in Kumba-a source in Kumba,

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