Candles should be lit across social media in solidarity with Hong Kong’s peaceful protestors, arrested today for participating in a peaceful candlelit vigil.

Oct 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Arrest warrants have today been issued for Nathan Law other peaceful pro democracy activists. Their offence? At a candlelight Vigil they were commemorating the massacre of pro democracy activists by the Chinese Communist Party in Tiananmen Square. A regime that tried to crush dissent and that’s fears and uses all its power and force to extinguish a flickering candle tells you all you need to know.These men have committed no crime. While Hong Kong’s corrupt administration fears and reviles them, the free world admires them.

Arrested for lighting a candle of remembrance and hope in Hong Kong. Light a candle in Solidarity across social media

We should light candles on our websites and across social media in solidarity with them.

A lone pro democracy protester at Tiananmen courageously defies the Chinese Communist Party’s tanks. Killings, brutality, violence, and the corruption of the rule of law, will never extinguish courage and hope.

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