Vin Garbutt and Suppressed Music That Deserves To Be Heard 

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Vin Gabutt And Suppressed Music That Deserves To Be Heard 

Vin Garbutt

Vin Garbutt was, in many respects, the ultimate protest singer – singing songs that challenge everything from Fascism to environmental degradation, racism to exploitation of workers, while never accepting “no go areas” like society’s attitudes towards the unborn chid .

   Unlike musicians like Bob Dylan, he was effectively driven underground because he saw the ineluctable logic of defending human dignity and human life at every stage.

   I hope that those who can’t get to hear songs like The Secret and Little Innocents might ask themselves why no radio station plays these songs.  Are these truths that we simply cannot bear to hear – or questions that we cannot allow to be asked?

  Get a flavour of why the BBC and media outlets have suppressed so much of Vin Garbutt’s music by listening to this song about Lynda and her son Kevin. It’s about being diagnosed with a pre-birth disability – which in a country that routinely kills 90% of all babies with Down’s Syndrome is a song that needs to sung and heard:

Vin Garbutt was a great folk singer who refused to sing songs that betrayed his beliefs. Never tamed by coercive liberalism, despite six acclaimed appearances at the Cambridge Folk Festival and numerous awards he was never invited back to Cambridge after daring to sing two outspoken songs about the vulnerability and fate of unborn children.

Vin Garbutt’s believed that through folk music “you hear songs about real things – coal mines, and shipyards closing down” – and that in singing and speaking about abortion and the unborn your music becomes part of “an underground movement of social songs of injustice”

Vin Garbutt   refused to sing songs that betrayed his beliefs- has died.

The Teeside Troubadour was the northern antidote to metropolitan attitudes formed in the  Islington wine bar and his songs combined social conscience, protest, humour and righteous anger.  Songs like Lynda and  The Secret  will long endure as  people come to appreciate Vin Garbutt’s prophetic folk music.

Vin pack shot

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