8 Million Too Many – 50 years Too Long: the Right To Be Born

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8 Million Too Many – 50 years Too Long

Burnley 2017 A Matter of Life And Death – click here for power point slides

The unborn child at 18 weeks gestation. 600 babies are aborted daily in the UK - some, up to and even during birth, with the full force of British law. 7 million have been aborted since abortion was made legal and some have had up to 8 legal abortions.

During a meeting organised by the Knights of Saint Columba, in Burnley, Lancashire, (March 10th 2017), to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the abortion legislation, the Crossbench Independent Peer, David Alton (Lord Alton of Liverpool) said that during those fifty years some 8 million unborn babies had been aborted in Britain: “8 million too many, 50 years, too long” he said.

The meeting had been organised by Burnley Knight, James Capstick who, with his wife, had taken part in last year’s Right To Life Walk in Ribble Valley.

Mrs.Capstick told the meeting that she had been horrified when a young girl told her that her R.E. teacher had said the unborn child was “just a thing” – and that she wanted young people to know the truth about the humanity of the unborn baby.

Lord Alton quoted Pope Francis in saying: “It is not progressive to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life…the right to life is the first among human rights. To abort a child is to defend someone who cannot defend himself.”


Lord Alton thanked Right to Life for its parliamentary campaigning and the charity, LIFE, for its caring work.  He said that the existing legislation should “be challenged incrementally – chipping away at it.” He said that abortion up to birth on a disabled child is “obscene and discriminatory”  and said that in the last month an attempt had been made in Parliament to legislate to allow disabled babies to be killed after birth, adding that  “euphemistically, infanticide is now called after birth abortion.”

He said that 90% of all babies with Down’s Syndrome now lose their lives.

He said parliamentarians should seek new protection for the right to conscientious objection – citing the case of two Scottish midwives who lost their jobs for refusing to take the life of an unborn child.  

He called for legislation to criminalise anyone who inflicts pain on an unborn child and for counselling to be separated from what he called “the abortion industry” and new legislation to introduce prison sentences for anyone found aborting baby girls in gender abortions.

He challenged the Government to clamp down on the Marie Stopes Organisation, whose Chief Executive was paid more than £400,000 in one year – “more than three times the salary of the Prime Minister, who has to run the country” – and 22 others more than £100,000:   “Among other things the Care Quality Commission criticised Marie Stopes – named for a woman who was a racist and a eugenicist – for dumping unborn babies in open bins. It’s time we followed the German example and completely separated the abortion industry from the provision of counselling and care, for both the unborn child and its mother.”  And he criticised the way that aid money “that should be used to feed the starving and promote development is being syphoned off into abortion programmes.”


He highlighted countries that have been involved in coercive abortion policies saying that in China “the one child policy has led to a distorted population balance as girls have been aborted in their millions. There are now 33 million more males than females.”


He said that fifty years after the enactment of the legislation, and the consequential abortion of 8 million babies, it was time for a new generation to challenge the slogan “it’s my right to choose”,  saying that all choices carry consequences, and that the rising generation should  question both attitudes and law and campaign for “the right to be born.”

lord alton

Pictured with Lord Alton are Burnley Knights Trevor Ireland and James Capstick.

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